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Morning Cup o' Joe: Eye On Illini Body Slams

Keep that chin up, Meyers.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Meyers Leonard came and went through the University of Illinois as quick as any player in recent memory not named Jereme, but let's not forget the big man. He dunked hard, jumped high and swatted all kinds of shots. He was a bright spot. Plus, he gave us the heart string pulls when Big Ten Network's The Journey caught him shocked and tearful as he reunited with his brother, finally home from military duty.

Good heavens, that's beautiful. If you want some chills, you combine a touching family moment with the soft piano keys of The Journey's theme song.

Meyers Leonard was a fine center for the Illini but during a tumultuous period where everyone was fired and the Illini never won. A season like that will certainly toughen you up, which is good. Tough guys can have a soft side. They can also slam your 275-pound figure into the floor if they want, so don't mess with them. Here's a video of Philadelphia 76ers center Daniel Orton messing with them.

You jockey for position against an Illini grad, you meet the hardwood. You'll get your shots in--a devastating elbow to the chin, perhaps--but you're meeting that hardwood, so think twice.

Both Leonard and Orton received a one-game suspension for the altercation. This move and subsequent suspension may cost Meyers jockeying position on the Trail Blazers' depth chart (he's already pretty deep on their bench), and it'll definitely cost him financially--about $20,000. But it may have earned him some nods of approval from the old '90s Jail Blazers.

Was it worth it? Discuss.