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Donovonn Young Intends To Transfer

In an unsurprising move, the power RB plans to take his talents elsewhere.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

Just in case you'd gotten over Tom leaving us (I haven't, it's going to take a while), I have some more departure news for you. No, it's not me. I'm not going anywhere unless SBN superbans me.

Halfback Donovonn Young has announced he plans on transferring to another school. And you know what? I don't really blame him.

Young completely fell off the face of the earth this season, having only 105 more rushing yards than Nathan Scheelhaase and falling well behind Josh Ferguson on the depth chart. With Dami Ayoola potentially coming back to the team and Aaron Bailey likely finding more touches next fall, carries for the power runner were going to be few and far between.

Young hasn't yet announced where he'll be transferring, but he has it down to five schools. I wish him the best wherever he winds up and hope he lands a starting gig as long as he never has to play against Illinois.

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