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Cliff Alexander Denies Report He's Down To Illinois And DePaul

There are still 11 days to go and I expect Cliff Alexander to refute this before I even finish typing up the post. UPDATE: HE BASICALLY DID.

Taylor Rooks


Alexander also told Taylor Rooks that he will cut his list down to three schools before announcing on November 15.


So this week is already off to a crazy start. According to a tweet from the Illinois Prep Bulls-Eye Twitter account -- which is protected, and I don't follow, so I'm going off the hundred tweets others have made about it -- Cliff Alexander will choose between Illinois and....


Yeah, that's what they're reporting. No Kansas. Illinois or DePaul.

Now, I should point out that I'm not taking this like gospel, and you probably shouldn't either. I'm only believing this if Taylor Rooks reports it!

Also, even if this is true, don't go doing your victory dance just yet. You might think DePaul doesn't have a chance, yet you've thought that the entire time, and now here they are in the final two. Imagine how you'll feel if you spend the next two weeks celebrating only to see Alexander choose the DePaul hat.

So reign it in, buddy. It's going to be a long and stupid 11 days until we find out for sure.

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