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The Weekend In B1G: Week Ten

We are already ten weeks through the Big Ten season y'all.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

We are already, somehow 10 weeks through the college football season. We are entering the final stretch of the season. The Illini are hanging on to their slim bowl hopes. What about the rest of the Big Ten?

Ohio State (9-0) 56 Purdue (1-7) 0

Anytime you are feeling bad about Illinois football, remember that Purdue football "exists". Ohio State kept on rolling, but they still have three teams well ahead of them in the BCS standings. They will need some help to get a shot at the title.

Michigan State (7-1) 29 Michigan (6-2) 6

ESPN was hyping this up as a battle of the Spartans great defense against the Wolverine's explosive offense. Well, they got one part of it right. Michigan finished with -48 yards rushing (remember that sacks count as negative rushing yards in college) and only gained 168 yards on offense.

Michigan State has now won five of the last six against their "big brother". Michigan Men are always most gracious to family.

Wisconsin (6-2) 29 Iowa (5-4) 9

Wisconsin didn't need a monster game out of their offense as their defense was stellar. The Badgers forced three turnovers and converted two second half interceptions into touchdowns. Iowa's defense is playing well, but the offense needs to learn to hold onto the ball.

Minnesota (7-2) 42 Indiana (3-5) 39

This is the third conference win in a row for the Gophers. It looked like they would cruise to victory when they were up 35-13 halfway though the 3rd quarter, but the Hoosiers came back and took a 39-35 lead with five minutes left. On the next drive Minnesota scored a 50 yard TD on a pass to Maxx Williams which ended up being the game winner.

Nebraska (6-2) 27 Northwestern (4-5) 24


Best. Ending. Ever.

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