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You Bet Your Ass: Week 13

We're all running out of time.

Can you believe it? We only have two weekends of football left in the regular season. Well, two weeks left in the season period for us. But this season has just flown by for me, and while some of you no doubt see the end of the football season as a relief, it makes me sad.

I love me some college football. Even if it's the Illini.

Anyway, instead of just being sad, the end of the season approaching also means that there aren't many games left for us to pick in You Bet Your Ass, so none of us can afford a bad week now.

If you're not to YBYA, first of all, where the hell have you been? Secondly, here's how it works.

Each participant will bet on every Big Ten game being played that weekend, and they can bet either the point spread or the over/under.

The participant will assign an amount to their bet, which can be either $25, $50 or $100. Each participant is allowed only one $100 bet per week. Everybody starts with a $0 balance, and balances can be negative.

Let's get to picking some games.

Illinois (-7) at Purdue, Over/Under: 57.5

Fornelli: $100 on Illinois -7

Primiano: $50 on Illinois -7

Birkhead: $100 on Illinois -7

Cassidy: $25 on Illinois -7

From Birkhead: I'm putting it all out there. I will be in attendance for the game. Don't let me down. It's possible if Illinois wins this week and next week, two Big Ten school will both finish the year without a conference win.

From Fornelli: You can buy 250 tickets to this game on Stubhub for $100.

Michigan State (-7.5) at Northwestern, Over/Under: 41

Fornelli: $25 on Under 41

Primiano: $100 on Michigan State -7.5

Birkhead: $50 on Michigan State -7.5

Cassidy: $100 on Michigan State -7.5

From Primiano: Am I missing something or does this seem like far too little of a spread in what should be a very one-sided game?

From Cassidy: It's as incredible as it is wonderful how far Northwestern has fallen since nearly beating the Buckeyes. I got Sparty.

Michigan at Iowa (-6), Over/Under: 47.5

Fornelli: $25 on Under 47.5

Primiano: $50 on Under 47.5

Birkhead: $50 on Under 47.5

Cassidy: $25 on Michigan +6

From Primiano: Who hates points? These teams!

From Fornelli: I'm just hoping I can rely on the ineptitude of the offensive coordinators in this matchup.

Wisconsin (-16) at Minnesota, Over/Under: 50

Fornelli: $50 on Wisconsin -16

Primiano: $25 on Wisconsin -16

Birkhead: $25 on Wisconsin -16

Cassidy: $50 on Minnesota +16

From Birkhead: That spread seems like a sucker bet, but I'm going for it. I think the Gophers are just like last year's Northwestern, a team that has a great record, but is nowhere near as good as it.

From Cassidy: Do I believe in Minnesota? I may. I just may.

Indiana at Ohio State (-34.5), Over/Under: 79.5

Fornelli: $25 on Indiana +34.5

Primiano: $25 on Indiana +34.5

Birkhead: $25 on Ohio State -34.5

Cassidy: $50 on Under 70.5

From Primiano: Too big of a spread and too high of an over.

From Fornelli: 34.5 points is a helluva lot of points considering Indiana put up 49 on the Buckeyes last year, and Illinois was able to move the ball against them as well.

Nebraska at Penn State (-2), Over/Under: 53

Fornelli: $25 on Nebraska +2

Primiano: $25 on Under 53

Birkhead: $50 on Over 53

Cassidy: $25 on Nebraska +2

From Birkhead: It seems the odd makers are making this last week very easy. Of course this means I'm going 0-6.

From Cassidy: For being bad, these teams are excellent. And in the battle of the good-bad, I pick the Huskers.

Money On The Line This Week

Fornelli: $250

Primiano: $275

Birkhead: $300

Cassidy: $275

Standings (Last Week)

1. Cassidy 47-37, $550 (4-1, $175)

2. Primiano 45-39, $425 (3-2, $75)

3. Birkhead 44-40, $450 (4-1, $125)

3. Fornelli 44-40, $275 (3-2, $75)

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