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B1G Power Rankings: Week 12

We approach the home stretch.

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No big changes in the B1G this week as everything basically went how it was supposed to over the weekend. To be honest, it's hard to see major changes in the Power Rankings at this point in the season with so much data already out there.

Wins and losses can swing things like they always have, but at this point you aren't going to see a team jumping up or falling down two or three spots at a time very often.


1. Ohio State 10-0 (1) - 162 -- As an Illini fan, sure you gave up 60 points to Ohio State and lost, but you can take solace in the fact that Ohio State actually lost five points off its total from last week. Because of you, Illinois, Ohio State's lead over the Badgers in second place is smaller than it has been in weeks. Hell, it might be the smallest its been since Ohio State took over the top spot, I don't know. I'm too lazy to go back through all the old rankings to find out. So let's just say it is? This Week: vs. Indiana

2. Wisconsin 8-2 (2) - 151 -- It's becoming an annual tradition in the Big Ten. Indiana and Wisconsin play a football game and Wisconsin proceeds to lay waste to all things Hoosier. I mean, holy shit. Wisconsin rushed for 554 yards against Indiana on Saturday, and had three running backs -- THREE! -- rush for over 100 yards. Corey Clement was one of those backs, and he finished with 108 yards....and he didn't even get his first carry of the game until late in the third quarter. So he only needed just over a quarter to get there. Of course, James White only needed three carries after starting the game with a 93-yard touchdown. This Week: at Minnesota

3. Michigan State 9-1 (3) - 140 -- In reality, after forcing five turnovers against Nebraska on Saturday, Michigan State should have blown the Cornhuskers out. That's not quite what happened, and it was one of Michigan State's more lackluster performances as of late. So while I still think this team is very good, I'll also admit that I'm starting to wonder if they've peaked, and if that's the case, well, there won't be much drama left to the rest of the Big Ten season. This Week: at Northwestern

4. Minnesota 8-2 (5) - 117 -- Minnesota had the weekend off and it managed to gain five points and climb a spot thanks to Nebraska's loss. Pretty productive bye week if you ask me. Of course, while I've been one of Minnesota's biggest fans this season, we're going to get a much better idea of how serious this team is when it faces Wisconsin this week. Because the truth is that the Gophers record is what's keeping them up this high right now, because aside from their success in the red zone on both sides of the ball, they're generally middle-of-the-pack in every other stat I use. Of course, being so good in the red zone is a big reason why the record sits where it does. This Week: vs. Wisconsin

5. Nebraska 7-3 (4) - 108 -- Nebraska's going to regret that game on Saturday, because it was there for them. But as I mentioned already, the turnovers are what killed them in the end. You aren't beating a team as good as Michigan State with that many turnovers, even on its off day. This Week: at Penn State

6. Michigan 7-3 (6) - 101 -- Man that was an ugly ass game on Saturday, and it wasn't just Northwestern's uniforms. Michigan is bad. So very, very bad and people are going to be fired in Ann Arbor. It won't be Brady Hoke, but somebody is going to be the fall guy for this shit. Also, I wish I could refer to a 7-3 season as "shit" for the Illini. Fucking Michigan. This Week: at Iowa

7. Iowa 6-4 (7) - 98 -- How bad has Michigan been lately? Well, think about how thoroughly mediocre Iowa has been for most of the 2013 season. Do you have the mediocrity in your mind? You do? Okay, well, Iowa is a six-point favorite against Michigan this week. That's what everyone thinks of Michigan right now, and I'm thinking I'll end up taking Iowa -- or the under -- in this week's You Bet Your Ass. This Week: vs. Michigan

8. Penn State 6-4 (10) - 79 -- Purdue does a body good! And I hope that goes for Illinois' body as well. After falling from eight to ten last week following a loss, Penn State jumped right back up to eight after beating Purdue. Of course, just because Penn State moved up to eighth doesn't mean it ranks higher than the bottom half of the conference in 10 of the 13 statistical categories I use for these rankings. It's propped up by its record and nothing more, so a loss this week could knock it right back down to tenth. This Week: vs. Nebraska

9. Indiana 4-6 (8) - 78 -- Okay, so this is how I look at it. Illinois lost to Wisconsin 56-32. Indiana lost to Wisconsin 51-3. So the Illini lost by 24 while Indiana lost by 48. That's a 24-point difference, so I think Illinois should get to add 24 points to their 35 against Indiana and now HEY WE BEAT INDIANA 59-52! WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO GO BOWLING! WOOOOO! This Week: at Ohio State

10. Northwestern 4-6 (9) - 73 -- Listen, Northwestern, I don't feel bad for you. So many Northwestern fans -- "so many" being relative here, it's Northwestern -- were talking way too much shit for a team that had just one good season, so really, you deserve everything you're getting right now, Northwestern. Unfortunately for me, I can't talk too much shit about it because the Illini haven't won a conference game either. But if Illinois beats Purdue this week and you lose? OH MAN. OOOOOOOOOOOOH MAN. This Week: vs. Michigan State

11. Illinois 3-7 (11) - 61 -- I can't believe we got upset by Ohio State, you guys. This Week: at Purdue

12. Purdue 1-9 (12) - 28 -- I'm going to level with you, Purdue. You might think that you have a chance at winning a Big Ten game this weekend against Illinois, and you do. Illinois is certainly beatable. But is it worth it? Think about it. Will beating Illinois on Saturday make this any less of a nightmare season? I don't think it will. No, I think the only way to salvage this season would be by beating Indiana, so if you're only going to get one conference win this season, save it for the Hoosiers. Save it for a game that will mean something to you. This Week: vs. Illinois

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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