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The TCR Top 40: Still Better Than The BCS

The Champaign Room Top 40 thinks Top 25 polls are for wimps

Okay, so maybe for the most part the TCR Top 40 and the BCS standings are pretty similar. But whatever differences there are, just know that we're right and the BCS is wrong because unlike the BCS we understand that margin of victory -- a capped MOV, mind you -- is not something that should be ignored.

Which is why Baylor is ahead of Ohio State in our rankings.

As for major changes to the Top 40 this week, the top ten remains relatively unchanged save for Stanford falling out and everybody else simply moving up a spot. After that, though, there are a lot of teams moving around, and we have five new teams this week as well.

1. Florida State (Last week: 1)

So the Jameis Winston stuff didn't seem to be a distraction did it? I feel like the only thing that is going to keep Florida State from reaching the title game at this point is the Tallahassee police department.

2. Alabama (2)

Alabama got caught looking ahead to its game next week against Chattanooga -- or maybe the Iron Bowl -- and slept through its 20-7 win over Mississippi State. Never have I seen a team look so dominant while looking so bored.

3. Baylor (3)

I'm about to go off on a bit of a rant about both Baylor and Ohio State in the Ohio State blurb. But I had to write something about Baylor.

4. Ohio State (4)

Okay, now, I have to preface this by saying I've had Baylor ranked ahead of Ohio State for weeks now, but this week the AP finally voted Baylor ahead of Ohio State. And why? Well, you see, Baylor fell behind Texas Tech 20-7 on a neutral field before it got rolling and ended up winning 63-34. Then there was Ohio State, who went on the road and jumped out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter before then coasting to the finish line and winning 60-35. So both teams scored 60 points, and the difference in the margin of victory was four points, yet Baylor gets rewarded by voters and Ohio State punished? Never being in danger of losing a game is worth punishing now. How fucking stupid is that? I mean, if you've had Baylor ahead the whole time, fine, but to knock Ohio State down for never even being in trouble? How stupid is that?

5. Oregon (6)

For a while it looked like Oregon was going to lose to Stanford two weeks in a row but then the Ducks flipped the switch and became Oregon again.

6. Missouri (7)

Mizzou didn't play, but man that was a painful Saturday. Had South Carolina lost to Florida the Tigers would have clinched the SEC East, but instead the Gamecocks came back from a 14-6 deficit to win. And now the Tigers have to win out against Ole Miss and Texas A&M.

7. Clemson (8)

Everything was going wonderfully for Clemson against Georgia Tech and then Tajh Boyd got hurt. Now the only thing in that game that matters is Tajh Boyd. Hopefully he's okay, because that'd be a shitty way for a great college career to end.

8. Oklahoma State (9)

Somebody finally remembered that Texas has a hard time stopping the read-option, and it was Oklahoma State of all teams!

9. Auburn (10)

I mean...


10. Michigan State (11)

Still one of the  most criminally underrated teams in the country, although it did not play very well against Nebraska on Saturday. The Huskers beat themselves just as much as Michigan State did, though at least Sparty was willing to step on its throat with the fake field goal late.

11. Stanford (5)

12. Northern Illinois (12)

13. Wisconsin (16)

Wisconsin had three guys rush for over 100 yards against Indiana on Saturday. Three.

14. Fresno State (13)

15. Texas A&M (15)

16. UCF (14)

Yeah, you're going to win the American Athletic Conference, but the fact you barely beat Temple has me convinced that it's not going to be you keeping NIU and Fresno from a BCS bowl.

17. Louisville (17)

18. Arizona State (20)

19. South Carolina (18)

20. UCLA (19)

If only UCLA had suffered a ton of injuries on offense earlier this season so Myles Jack could be the obvious Heisman Trophy winner.

21. Oklahoma (22)

22. LSU (24)

23. Duke (31)

Duke!! While it's just insane to think Duke controls its own destiny in the ACC Coastal, did you know that there are currently 32 different scenarios in the Coastal Division race? 32! There are 32 different ways it can end!

24. Minnesota (25)

25. East Carolina (29)

26. Ball State (21)

27. USC (UR)

Just want to clarify some comments I made on Saturday in case they were misunderstood. When Brian Griese said Illinois should hire Ed Orgeron, I didn't say I liked the idea because I thought it would work. I like the idea because IMAGINE THE MATERIAL I COULD GET FOR THE SITE OUT OF IT. I MEAN, THE MAN IS A GOLD MINE.

28. Ole Miss (36)

29. Texas (23)

30. Cincinnati (38)

31. Michigan (40)

You are still absolutely terrible and should be ashamed of yourself, but props for finding a new way to rip out Northwestern's heart.

32. Notre Dame (UR)

33. Washington (33)

34. BYU (UR)

35. Nebraska (27)

36. Georgia (28)

37. Miami (26)

Can't spell Duke without The U, Miami.

38. Houston (32)

39. Marshall (UR)

40. North Texas (UR)

Just Outside: Bowling Green, Buffalo, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Toledo

And Illinois: The Illini fall from 92nd to 96th this week, behind Colorado and NC State, but ahead of Kentucky. B1G > SEC!

The Best Worst Ten (from worst to terrible)

1. Southern Mississippi

2. Georgia State

3. Miami (Ohio)

4. FIU

5. UConn

6. Idaho

7. New Mexico State

8. Hawaii

9. UMass

10. Western Michigan

As always, you can read more about The Best Worst Ten -- which has a new top team this week -- over at Eye on College Football.

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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