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Quentin Snider Decommits From Illinois, Signs With Louisville

So he completed the first 360 of his college career.


Well this is a terrible start to Cliffmas. After the rumors first began swirling on Thursday night, the rumors became reality on Friday morning.

Quentin Snider has decommitted from the Illini and signed with Louisville.

There's no sugar coating this. It sucks.

Snider had originally committed to Louisville a year ago before decommitting a few months ago and opening things back up. John Groce and the Illini went hard after Snider and beat out UCLA to get him.

Now that work was for nothing, and I just hope that it doesn't hurt our chances to land a point guard in the 2015 class that we really need now.

Anyway, I know some people will, but if you're reading this, please don't hold any of this against Snider. He's a kid who grew up in Louisville who always dreamt of going to Louisville. While the circumstances in which it happened are less than ideal, it's his life. Your favorite basketball team isn't really that important here.

I wish Snider nothing but the best, unless he's playing Illinois. Then I hope he has a horrible game.

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