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B1G Power Rankings: Week 11

Or as the power rankings should really be called: Ohio State and then what?

Your team, it is falling
Your team, it is falling
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Are you ready for some piping hot Big Ten Power Rankings, fresh off the power ranking press? Well, even if you aren't, they're coming at you hot and fast like opinions on the internet are supposed to.

There wasn't much change at the top this week, though things did get a bit interesting outside the top five as teams jockey for position.


1. Ohio State 9-0 (1) - 167 -- Ohio State took the week off and actually expanded its lead in the process. The Buckeyes are just that good, and something tells me that their ranking won't suffer much considering who this week's opponent is. This Week: at Illinois

2. Wisconsin 7-2 (2) - 148 -- The Badgers beat up on some Mormons this week but they saw some of their numbers suffer because BYU is pretty good at the whole defense thing. Still, even a slight step back wasn't enough to knock the Badgers from their second place perch. This Week: vs. Indiana

3. Michigan State 8-1 (3) - 139 -- Big Ten schedules are generally pretty light as it is these days, but man, on the weekend when both Ohio State and Michigan State are on a bye? Good god, things get even uglier. Sparty took that time off this week to prepare for what will essentially be the Legends Division Championship. This Week: at Nebraska

4. Nebraska 7-2 (4) - 116 -- Nebraska doesn't gain or lose a spot, nor does it gain or lose any points after beating Michigan this weekend. And, oddly enough, I think that is a good microcosm of where Michigan is right now. As for Nebraska, the Huskers got some bad news on Monday when it was announced that Taylor Martinez won't be returning any time this season. Though, if there's any good news about that, it's the fact that he hasn't played much to begin with, and the Huskers are still 7-2. Though whether they can beat the Spartans.... This Week: vs. Michigan State

5. Minnesota 8-2 (6) - 112 -- Oh yeah, we've got a new team in the top five and it's the damn Gophers. I have a feeling that there's a very good chance that this team will finish the season 8-4 considering who its final two games are against, but who cares? Minnesota done won eight games, y'all! MINNESOTA IS WHO WE WANT TO BE. IF MINNESOTA CAN DO IT, THEN WE CAN TOO. This Week: Bye

6. Michigan 6-3 (5) - 100 -- Of course, for Michigan to reach the top five somebody has to fall out, and that's where Michigan comes in. Remember when the Wolverines opened Big Ten play scoring at least 40 points in three straight (averaging 48.3 points)? Yeah, well, it's managed a whole 19 points in its last two games and I'm pretty sure Devin Gardner just wants to crawl into bed and sleep forever. Oh, and by the way, ever since Brady Hoke's first season at Michigan with a roster that was full of Rich Rodriguez's first recruiting class, the Wolverines have gone 14-8. I know we'd kill for that here, but, you know, I don't think that's quite what Michigan is looking for. This Week: at Northwestern

7. Iowa 6-4 (7) - 95 -- There was a while where I thought Iowa was going to do the impossible and lose to Purdue. And, truthfully, I was actually hoping Iowa would lose to Purdue. Not because I have anything against the Hawkeyes, but because I'm terrified of the notion of Purdue getting its only Big Ten win of the year against us. This Week: Bye

8. Indiana 4-5 (9) - 84 -- I've been telling you all season in these power rankings that Indiana was doing so well in the rankings because of its offensive firepower. Well, that hasn't changed. However, Indiana's defensive numbers actually improved a bit against the Illini -- let THAT sink in -- which only boosts them further in these power rankings. Though I suppose it's somewhat nice to know that Tevin Coleman ran for so many yards against us on Saturday that he actually sprained his ankle. You can only put so many miles on the human body I guess. This Week: at Wisconsin

9. Northwestern 4-5 (10) - 78 -- The bye week was very good to Northwestern. Yes, we found out that Venric Mark is done for the season, but by not playing people forgot how bad this team had looked, which is why it's currently a favorite against Michigan this week. And you know what? It should be. That's just how shitty Michigan has looked lately. This Week: vs. Michigan

10. Penn State 5-4 (8) - 69 -- The Nittany Lions drop two spots this week after losing to Minnesota, and while it's surprising, it really isn't. I mean, we all saw how close Penn State came to losing to Illinois at home a few weeks ago, and we all know how bad you have to be to nearly lose to Illinois at home. I mean, Indiana didn't really have a problem, did it? This Week: vs. Purdue

11. Illinois 3-6 (11) - 62 -- Honestly, the best part of this week's game against Ohio State is that we already know we're going to get our ass kicked. There's no convincing ourselves that this week might be the week we finally end the conference losing streak like we've been doing. We have no hope. Which means we'll probably win this game. IT'S AN EXCELLENT STRATEGY, YOU GUYS. This Week: vs. Ohio State

12. Purdue 1-8 (12) - 28 -- Please don't beat us, Purdue. I know it's been a tough season, but we really need a win. So badly. So, so badly. You're the closest school to us in the Big Ten, and letting us beat you would be awful neighborly. You want to be a good neighbor, don't you? This Week: at Penn State

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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