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Things To Do While Waiting For Cliff Alexander

There are still five days to go before Cliff Alexander makes a decision. That's plenty of time to do something that isn't stalking Cliff Alexander.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

It's Monday, which means we're still five days away from Cliff Alexander picking a school on ESPNU and finally putting an end to all the speculation and gossip. It's going to be a long five days too. Five days that will likely be filled with twists and turns, and some people saying some things, others saying other things, and Cliff Alexander denying it all.

At some point an anonymous source will report that Cliff Alexander is thinking of going to McDonalds for lunch today because he's craving a Big Mac, and then twenty minutes after that Cliff will send a text message to Taylor Rooks saying 'WHOPPERS 4 LIFE, FUCK A BIG MAC."

And through all of this you'll be glued to your computer, breathlessly anticipating every single development, no matter how small or innocuous. You'll be studying every tweet in your Twitter timeline, refreshing the page of your message board constantly, all just waiting to get the information that, no matter what, you won't be getting until Friday afternoon.

So here's my advice to you: don't.

Don't follow everything that is happening with Cliff Alexander this week.

Odds are you're reading this at work, why not get some work done?

Read a book.

Go see a movie.

Actually talk to your significant other.

Have kids? Do something with them.

Learn how to speak a different language.

Go on a road trip.

Get really drunk and call your ex, leaving an embarrassing voicemail.

Do some Christmas shopping.

Watch the current Illini play basketball on Wednesday night, cuz the game will be televised.

Catch up on the shows piling up on your DVR.

Take a shower, seriously, you smell terrible.

Learn how to cook something you don't already know how to cook.

Fix that thing in your house that you've been putting off fixing for six months now, you lazy bastard.

Go for a walk.

Just do something. Anything other than sit online waiting for information that isn't going to come. These are going to be a long five days, trust me, I know, but I'm telling you that they will go by a lot quicker if you don't spend the entire time wondering what Cliff Alexander is up to.

Believe me, if anything happens that you need to know about, we'll write about it here. And then you can come here and read it and say "well I'm glad I know about that now."

Then you can go back to living your life. Before you know it, Friday will be here and Cliff will have announced his decision, and nothing in your life will change because you kept on living your life the entire time anyway.

(Though, seriously, if you are going to sit online the entire time refreshing something it should be The Champaign Room. GIVE US ALL YOUR PAGEVIEWS.)

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