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Cliff Alexander Sets A Decision Date

We now have a date for the moment we've been waiting on for so long.


We won't have to wait too much longer to finally find out where Cliff Alexander is going to school.

Alexander tweeted this on Tuesday morning.

The announcement will be made on ESPN. Now, as to who the finalists are, there are no shocks but Alexander also sent this tweet out on Monday.

So we know we're still alive, and even though he said there's no order, let's all just pretend the schools are in order anyway. Suck it, Kansas.

What are the odds that Alexander is going to end up in Champaign? Well, I know a lot of people have assumed it won't happen since we got the news on Ahmad Starks, which means the Illini are already one scholarship over the limit for next season. I'm of the opinion that doesn't actually matter at this point. If it did then Alexander would have cancelled his official visit to Illinois that's scheduled for October 26.

If the Illini aren't willing to make room for him then why are they still recruiting him?

As John Groce has said many times, the scholarship stuff will work itself out. As I'm fond of saying -- and by fond I mean I'm saying it for the first time right now -- trying to find room for Cliff Alexander is a good problem to have.

As for the odds of whether or not Alexander is going to come here, I don't know for sure, but like I said after Quentin Snider committed, the Illini are still very much alive in this thing. They have a legitimate shot to get him.

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