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Video: Crazy Hail Mary Finish To Illinois High School Game

This is how Elk Grove beat Rolling Meadows on Friday night.


The Illini are on yet another bye week, which I find extremely annoying because just like last time we're coming off a loss and now we don't have another game to look forward to. And I'm not in the mood to dwell on Saturday's loss at the moment.

Thankfully we have crazy Hail Mary finishes to local high school games we can check out.

Via MaxPreps we have video of the finish between Elk Grove and Rolling Meadows on Friday night.

Elk Grove was down seven points with nine seconds remaining at its own 48-yard line when quarterback Adam O'Malley rolled out looking to throw the ball up for grabs. And then this happened.

And from the end zone angle.

I bet Bill Cubit has a play designed to do the exact same thing.

Seriously, the most impressive part of this play is that receiver Mike Bishoff not only was paying enough attention to catch the ball off the deflections, but to then turn upfield toward the end zone and drag a defender a few yards with him on his way to the end zone.

Not bad for a kid who is already committed to Western Illinois to play linebacker.

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