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The TCR Top 40: Now With 100% More Horrible Teams

The Champaign Room Top 40 thinks Top 25 polls are for wimps.

After the win against Miami (Ohio) the Illini were creeping ever closer to the Top 40 but, well, a 39-19 loss to Nebraska pretty much strangled their chances. So, no, the Illini will not be in this week's Top 40. In fact, they're not even all that close anymore.

But that doesn't mean there aren't some interesting changes in the overall order of things. How far do teams like Northwestern and Washington fall after losses to Ohio State and Stanford? How high to Ohio State and Stanford climb?


1. Alabama

Alabama basically took the week off against Georgia State, but it was still a good enough performance to hold on to first place in the poll. Though Oregon inches closer every week.

2. Oregon

Oregon has been awesome this season, but this week will mark the first real test of the season. Yes, Oregon has gone on the road twice already this season, but going on the road to face Virginia and Colorado isn't quite the same thing as going in to Husky Stadium to take on Washington. I think I'm looking forward to that game this week more than any other.

3. Clemson

Honestly, can we just cancel the rest of the ACC season and just fast forward to Clemson and Florida State next week? I mean, do any other teams in this conference actually matter?

4. Stanford

I hope that Ty Montgomery is being treated like a hero on campus this week because without his play on special teams this weekend -- he had 204 kick return yards, including a touchdown -- then Stanford isn't undefeated and still in the top five this week. Also, while Stanford remains in fourth after the win, it did creep a bit closer to the top three, but not much.

5. Florida State

The Seminoles jump back into the top five because Jameis Winston is awesome and I'm pretty sure that we're only going to get another season of him at most. So if you haven't tuned in to a Florida State game to see him play you should do so while you still have the chance.

6. Ohio State

The Buckeyes only move up a spot in the rankings this week, and yes, it's partially due to the worst backdoor cover of all time that ended the game. That meaningless fumble recovery adding to Ohio State's margin of victory helped push it past UCLA in the rankings this week.


The Bruins got the win in Utah on Thursday night, but the strength of schedule has been taking a hit the last few weeks and it has pushed them out of the top five for the first time since they beat Nebraska. However, this is still a very dangerous team that is capable of knocking off anybody in the Pac-12. Stanford and Oregon get all the attention, but this team should not be ignored.

8. Oklahoma

Ugly win is ugly, and it knocks the Sooners down two spots. Though I suppose it's entirely possible that Oklahoma stumbled a bit against a mediocre TCU team because it had its eyes on this week's game against Texas. That's kind of an important rivalry between the two schools, you know.

9. Louisville

Is Rutgers a test at this point? I mean, Temple certainly wasn't. This is a very good team, but as you've heard a billion times by now. that schedule is just plain soft and it's keeping them at the bottom of the top ten. It'll be hard for this team to climb much higher without a whole bunch of people losing a lot of games.

10. Baylor

Baylor finally reaches the top ten, moving up from 16 last week after dismantling West Virginia. I love this team, and I hate rooting against fun, but my colleague Jerry Hinnen and I actually have a bet going on the Bears. He says they finish the regular season undefeated, and I say they're going to lose somewhere along the way. There's an entire six-pack of beer on the line, so obviously it's the most important bet of all time.

11. Miami

12. Texas Tech

I have to say that if this poll were based on my opinion I wouldn't have Texas Tech nearly this high. I think this is the weakest 5-0 team I've seen this season, and while Texas Tech fans would likely take that as an insult, I'd fucking love to be a weak 5-0 team.

13. Michigan

14. Georgia

15. LSU

16. Texas A&M

17. Missouri

18. Florida

The SEC run! Seriously, the SEC owns spots 14 through 18 in the rankings. I just found this funny because I don't think I've ever seen this happen in any of the years I've been running this formula.

19. Washington

The Huskies outplayed Stanford on Saturday night. Special teams did them in, though, as I previously mentioned Ty Montgomery's success returning kicks, but the Huskies held Stanford to 237 yards of offense on the night.

20. Northern Illinois

21. Fresno State

22. Northwestern

Northwestern falls ten spots due to the loss, which I think is a bit harsh, but the formula recognizes that the three FBS teams Northwestern has wins against are a combined 3-13 on the season.

23. South Carolina

24. Houston

25. Auburn

26. Oklahoma State

27. UCF

28. Maryland

Here's another team that plummeted after its first loss, though it's kind of hard to argue against it considering the Terps lost 63-0.

29. Ball State

So which BCS job will Pete Lembo have next season? Cuz he won't still be at Ball State.

30. Michigan State

31. Nebraska

Nebraska wasn't even in the "Just Outside" portion of last week's Top 40 and this week they jump up to 31. You're welcome.

32. East Carolina

33. Virginia Tech

34. Pitt

35. Arizona

36. Notre Dame

37. Bowling Green

38. Oregon State

Completely forgotten about after starting the season with a loss to Eastern Washington, Oregon State has been playing some pretty good football since then. Could play the spoiler to somebody this season.

39. Rutgers

40. Ohio

Just Outside: Washington State, Wisconsin, BYU, Arizona State, Navy

And Illinois?: Currently ranked 62nd.

And a new addition this week....

THE BOTTOM TEN (From worst to just terrible)

1. Georgia State

2. New Mexico State

3. Miami (Ohio)

4. UMass

5. Western Michigan

6. UConn

7. Temple

8. Southern Mississippi

9. Hawaii

10. Eastern Michigan

Last week's rankings can be found right here.

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