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Cliff Alexander Is Or Isn't Visiting Michigan State This Weekend

It depends on who you ask.

Illinois Loyalty

We still have two and a half weeks until we finally know where Cliff Alexander is going to school, which means we still have two and half weeks of the roller coaster ride that has been his recruitment. With his trip to Illinois over the weekend, Cliff's official visits are officially over.

However, he could possibly take an unofficial visit to Michigan State this weekend. Whether he will or not depends on who you're asking.

On Tuesday there was this tweet from Evan Daniels.

An hour and a half later there was this tweet from Taylor Rooks.

And then there was this tweet from Cliff himself.

So is Cliff visiting Michigan State this weekend? Well, considering that Daniels cited an anonymous source and Rooks cited Cliff himself, I'm inclined to believe that he doesn't know whether or not he's making the unofficial visit to Michigan State this weekend.

And if he doesn't know, it's somewhat hard for us to know, isn't it?

It's going to be a "fun" couple of weeks.

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