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The TCR Top 40: Oregon Is Closer Than Ever Before

The Champaign Room Top 40 thinks Top 25 polls are for wimps.

Not a lot of major changes to the Top 40 this week as there weren't really any major upsets, though we did lose two more undefeated teams in Missouri and Texas Tech. However only one of them was knocked out of the top ten because of it.

Other than that the only major change is how close Oregon has crept up to Alabama after beating UCLA on Saturday. The Ducks are now just two points behind the Tide, and two points is about as miniscule as Alabama's lead can get using this formula.

So, yeah, things are getting interesting.

1. Alabama

So after giving up 10 points to Tennessee on Saturday should we be worried about Alabama's defense? They've now allowed a total of 26 points in their last six games! Simply unacceptable. Seriously, though, Alabama is off this week so it's not likely to drop out of the top spot, but after the bye the Tide get LSU.

2. Oregon

It was awful kind of the Ducks to try to make their game with UCLA interesting for a half before finally stepping on the gas and winning by 28 points. Much like Alabama, Oregon is off this week but it returns in 10 days to take on Stanford on Thursday night....which is the same night Oklahoma is playing Baylor. So that will be an interesting Thursday night.

3. Florida State

For those of you keeping track at home, Florida State has won its last three games by a combined score of 163-31. The Seminoles get Miami next, and they'll probably win that game by 45 points before losing to Wake Forest on the road the week after that because this is Florida State we're talking about. It's what it does.

4. Baylor

Am I the only one who thinks Baylor should actually be punished for only managing to score 59 points against Kansas? How the hell are you going to win a national championship only scoring 59 points against Kansas? I mean, if Michigan State can score 42 on the Illini, Baylor should get to 250 against Kansas.

5. Ohio State

Well it's about damn time, Ohio State. Of course, while that's good for the Buckeyes, three of Ohio State's final four games are on the road. Sure, two of those three are Purdue and Illinois, but still. Things can happen.

6. Miami

Yeah, there's no way in hell Miami would be in the top 10 if I were doing this on my opinion. The Canes haven't looked good in weeks, but they're still undefeated and my formula loves it some winning. Not to worry, though, Florida State will probably correct it next week.

7. Stanford

Stanford's offense is not good. Stanford's offense is Ty Gaffney and, well, that's just about it right now. They're basically Michigan State at this point, but with a better pedigree nationally.

8. Missouri

Oh my god I know that we're supposed to hate Missouri, but how can you not feel bad about how that ended for the Tigers on Saturday night? I mean, yeah, blowing the 17-point lead in the fourth quarter is bad enough, but doinking the chip shot field goal in overtime? Good god.

9. Clemson

Clemson looks like that friend who is contemplating suicide right now. That or it just broke up with its girlfriend. Whatever the case, Clemson is totally killing your buzz right now.

10. Oklahoma

Good Oklahoma showed up this week! Now the Sooners take a week off before facing Baylor on that previously mentioned Thursday night game.

11. Texas Tech

I knew it was only a matter of time, but the way Texas Tech hung around really impressed me. This team might just be better than I thought it was.

12. Auburn

13. Northern Illinois

There are 13 teams in the MAC. Six of those teams have two wins or less on the season. Northern Illinois is enjoying that fact.

14. Oklahoma State

15. Michigan State

So does this make you feel any better about Saturday? I didn't think so.

16. Michigan

17. LSU

LSU won this week and dropped four spots anyway. Why? Because playing Furman will hurt your strength of schedule.

18. UCF

19. Louisville

20. Fresno State

Fresno State will take some grief for having a tough time with San Diego State because San Diego State lost to Eastern Illinois. However, those of us in these parts realize that losing to Eastern Illinois isn't exactly something to be ashamed of. I mean, would you want Eastern to come to Champaign this weekend?

21. Texas A&M

22. South Carolina

23. Wisconsin

24. UCLA

Stanford and Oregon in back-to-back weeks is tough. Now the Bruins need to lick their wounds and heal.

25. Arizona State

26. Ball State

The only team left on Northern Illinois' schedule that has a legitimate shot of beating it.

27. Notre Dame

28. Houston

That one team that's pretty good that you probably haven't paid a second of attention to.

29. Oregon State

30. BYU

31. Texas

Texas is going to end up in a BCS bowl and we're all going to wake up the morning with no idea what happened.

32. Arizona

33. Minnesota

Somehow, some way, Minnesota is going to end up winning the Legends Division. It will then go to Indianapolis and knock off Ohio State to keep the Buckeyes out of the national title game before going on to win the Rose Bowl. It's written in the stars.

34. Virginia Tech

35. Georgia

36. East Carolina

37. Buffalo

38. Nebraska

39. Duke

Every time you want to tell yourself that there's no chance Illinois can ever have a good football program, just remind yourself that Duke will now be going bowling in consecutive seasons for the first time in its history. And that it beat Virginia Tech on the road. With only 198 yards of offense. And four turnovers. And without converting a single third down. David Cutcliffe is the new Bill Snyder. He's fucking magic.

40. Ohio

Just Outside: Ole Miss, Washington, Rice, Georgia Tech, Florida

And Illinois?: From 76th down to 84th behind a team like Old Dominion, but ahead of South Alabama.

The Bottom Ten (from worst to just terrible)

1. Georgia State

2. Miami (Ohio)

3. Southern Miss

4. Eastern Michigan

5. UConn

6. Temple

7. New Mexico State

8. Idaho

9. Western Michigan

10. UMass

As always, if you want to learn more about the bottom ten, you can read my Best Worst Ten list over at

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