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The Weekend in B1G: Week Nine

The Big Ten is weird.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Well the Illini continued to do what they do best; lose Big Ten football games. The streak is at 17 now. 17 in a row. God.

Let's just talk about the rest of the Big Ten. 17 in a damn row!

Iowa (5-3) 17 Northwestern (4-4) 10 in OT


Iowa's defense came up big. They had six sacks, 12 tackles for a loss and recovered two fumbles to send the Wildcats to their fourth straight loss. The College Gameday collapse of Northwestern may be the only joy Illini fans will feel this season.

Minnesota (6-2) 34 Nebraska (5-2) 23

Minnesota rushed for 271 yards against the Huskers and have now clinched a bowl game. See Illini fans, a team can turn the ship around!

A lot of people will blame the Huskers' defense for the loss this week, but honestly the offense deserves some blame here. The Huskers only managed to get 328 yards in the game, which allowed the Gopher to dominate time of possession.

Ohio State (8-0) 63 Penn State (4-3) 14

The Buckeyes are good, very good. They absolutely destroyed a solid Penn State team on a fundamental level. This was the worst loss for Penn State in over a century and the most points they have ever given up.

The question now is will the Buckeyes play for the National Championship? Right now they are ranked fourth behind Alabama, Oregon and Florida State. There are good arguments to put all three of those teams above the Bucks.

Since Ohio State has an easier schedule than the top three down the stretch, they likely won't be able to jump those teams without them losing. It looks like Ohio State will need two of those team to lose, but it looks like they may all three stay undefeated. Alabama still has some tough games against LSU and Auburn, and Oregon still needs to get through Stanford. It's possible but it's looks like Ohio State, a year before the playoff system is in place, may be another undefeated team that has no chance to win a title.

It brings out the warm fuzzies.

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