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Michigan State 42 Illinois 3: Happy Homecoming

Take a trip back through time to the 2012 season.

Where it all went wrong.
Where it all went wrong.
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

No recap from Primiano today as he's at a wedding, which means I have the honor of trying to recap the shitshow we just witnessed.

You can be certain that I'll go much more in depth with this tomorrow in The Day After, but if you're looking for a sneak preview you should expect a lot of disgust. All the good feelings that the Illini had built up during non-conference play are gone. You are going to hear the folks calling for Tim Beckman's head on this game, and it's understandable considering we just lost on Homecoming 42-3.

It's understandable considering that the offense averaged 3.3 yards per play and had 137 yards of offense on the day.

It's understandable considering that the defense gave up 42 points, 476 yards and 6.7 yards per play to one of the weakest offenses in the Big Ten.

It's all understandable, really, but I don't put this loss on Beckman. I'm looking more at Bill Cubit who got too damn cute in the first half for his own good and basically took the Illini out of this game.

But, at the same time, I'm not even looking to blame anybody right now. I'm too worried about the trip back in time that this game was. For the first time this season I felt as if we'd truly transported back to 2012. For the first time this season I'm seriously questioning the effort this team showed in the second half.

It looked like we just laid down and died at the end. Granted, some of that could have just been the fact that the defense was worn out from being on the field all day, so I can't be sure.

The only thing I can be sure of is that game was embarrassing.

I hope Cliff Alexander left at halftime.

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