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The Weekend In B1G: Week Eight

A look around all the action in the Big Ten this weekend.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Because Illinois wasn't the only Big Ten team to score more than 30 points and lose on Saturday.

Michigan 63 Indiana 47

Oh man, did we have a defensive slobberknocker in Ann Arbor on Saturday. The Wolverines and Hoosiers combined for 110 points, 15 touchdowns, 1,323 yards and one very perplexed Michigan co-ed.



Isn't she the best?

But, anyway, Jeremy Gallon set a Big Ten record with 14 catches for 369 yards and two touchdowns. And at no point while he was catching all those passes for all those yards did the Indiana defense think to itself "maybe we should cover this guy" because that would require Indiana actually knowing what defense is, let alone how to play it.

Minnesota 20 Northwestern 17

OH NORTHWESTERN. I think it's pretty cool how you guys have decided to not only go peanut-free at Ryan Field, but Big Ten win-free as well this season. That's real commitment, the kind we here at Illinois can appreciate.

Seriously, though, take away Kain Colter and Venric Mark and your offense is a hot mess. There aren't enough water balloons in the world that can fix that.

Ohio State 34 Iowa 24

Carlos Hyde is an animal, man. Seriously. That one touchdown run he had where he nearly lost his balance, started running backward and got himself sorted out before Superman diving into the end zone was awesome.

Also, it's funny how many times Ohio State can make you think it's on the verge of losing before the fourth quarter starts and it completely takes over. Maybe one of these times we won't fall for it.

Michigan State 14 Purdue 0

I know the weather sucked, but seriously, Michigan State? You were only able to manage 294 yards of offense and 14 points against a Purdue team that gave up 295 yards and 14 points TO FREAKING INDIANA STATE? Why is it that any time I start to think you're a team to be taken seriously you pull this shit?

I hope you play just as terribly in Champaign next week.

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