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Your Bye Week Open Thread

Just cuz the Illini are off doesn't mean you won't be watching football.

This guy may be fired by Oklahoma today
This guy may be fired by Oklahoma today
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

I know that the Illini aren't playing today, but there are plenty of other good college football games on for you to enjoy. So why not enjoy them with your friends at The Champaign Room?

Hell, you don't even have to watch football if you don't want to. There's probably some other sports going on. Is baseball still a thing?

Yeah? Well I'm sure there will be some baseball on tonight too.

As for the slate of college football games, you can head on over to and read my Saturday Meal Plan. It'll tell you what games are on television, where they're on and when they're on. It's also chock full of smartass comments!

So, yeah, join your fellow Champaigniacs for a day of football. It's better than being alone.

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