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You Bet Your Ass: Week Seven

It appears Cassidy flew a bit too close to the sun.

For the last few weeks I've been inflating the ego of young Jack Cassidy in these posts. I've been writing about how he was kicking our asses, and how you should listen to nobody's advice but his. There's a reason I was doing all of this.

Because it was true. He really was kicking our asses.

But, you see, Jack enjoyed reading it all a bit too much. It went to his head. He would actually take time out of his schedule to actually show up on the site and talk crap in the comments. They were the first words he'd written on the site in months.

But you know what Jack didn't do? He didn't get any games write last week.

Yes, Cassidy is the first person in the history of this competition to post an 0-fer. Just another thing he was better at than the rest of us (seriously that backdoor cover for Ohio State last week was the greatest backdoor cover in the history of covers being backdoored).

Since Jack is obviously new to YBYA, let's remind him of how this competition works.

Each participant will bet on every Big Ten game being played that weekend, and they can bet either the point spread or the over/under.

The participant will assign an amount to their bet, which can be either $25, $50 or $100. Each participant is allowed only one $100 bet per week. Everybody starts with a $0 balance, and balances can be negative.

Now let's get to this week's picks and see if Cassidy can get one right this time.

Michigan State (-9.5) vs. Indiana, Over/Under: 54.5

Fornelli: $25 on Michigan State -9.5

Primiano: $50 on Under 54.5

Birkhead: $25 on Indiana +9.5

Cassidy: $25 on Indiana +9.5

From Primiano: Indiana is an incredibly high-powered offense, but this is maybe the best defense in the country.

From Fornelli: The combination of being on the road and facing the Michigan State defense just doesn't seem like a good combination for the Hoosiers this week. Plus after last year's scare, the Spartans won't take them lightly.

Purdue vs. Nebraska (-14.5), Over/Under: 56

Fornelli: $100 on Nebraska -14.5

Primiano: $100 on Nebraska -14.5

Birkhead: $25 on Over 56

Cassidy: $100 on Nebraska -14.5

From Birkhead: Nebraska puts up a lot of points, and Purdue gives up a lot. That spread is a little much for me to want to bet on. I expect another high scoring game though.

From Cassidy: We saw it first hand last week: Nebraska may have their issues. They may fire their coach come seasons end. They may not compete for the Big Ten title. But they still have no problem thrashing the life out of lesser teams.

Wisconsin (-10.5) vs. Northwestern, Over/Under: 56.5

Fornelli: $25 on Northwestern +10.5

Primiano: $50 on Over 56.5

Birkhead: $50 on Wisconsin -10.5

Cassidy: $25 on Northwestern +10.5

From Primiano: I'm not touching that spread, but there should be points by the plenty in this one.

From Fornelli: I don't think Northwestern will have problems putting points on the board, though I'm only betting $25 because I'm somewhat terrified of Wisconsin just running this defense over.

Penn State vs. Michigan (-2.5), Over/Under: 49

Fornelli: $25 on Michigan -2.5

Primiano: $25 on Michigan -2.5

Birkhead: $100 on Michigan -2.5

Cassidy: $50 on Michigan -2.5

From Birkhead: Wait, the team that just lost to Indiana by 20 is only a 3 point underdog against Michigan? LOLZ

From Cassidy: All the alarms in my head are going off. "ONLY -2.5, THIS IS A SUCKER BET, JACK. RUN!" I guess I'm a sucker.

Money On The Line This Week

Fornelli: $175

Primiano: $225

Birkhead: $200

Cassidy: $200

Standings (Last Week)

1. Cassidy 31-24, $425 (0-5, -$225)

2. Fornelli 30-25, $275 (4-1, $175)

3. Primiano 29-26, $150 (2-3, -$50)

4. Birkhead 26-29, $225 (2-3, $75)

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