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B1G Power Rankings: Week Five

Watch out! Here come the Hawkeyes!

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There are quite a few swings in the B1G Power Rankings this week, and some of it has to do with the fact that not everybody has began conference play yet. But since I've got to include them in the rankings -- they're kind of important -- the teams that haven't played a conference game are getting more points than they probably should be, and while it's a problem, it's a problem that will sort itself out this weekend.

So I'm not that worried about.

The biggest benefactor of the odd conference schedule thus far? That would be Iowa.


1. Ohio State (5-0, 1) - 151 -- There's a good chance that Wisconsin will be the toughest test the Buckeyes face during the regular season and the Buckeyes passed that test. I mean, while this team is far from perfect and can be exploited by a couple of teams, none of those teams are in the Big Ten. That much is clear to me and it should probably be clear to you as well. The only team in the Big Ten that's going to beat Ohio State right now is Ohio State. This Week: at Northwestern

2. Iowa (4-1, 6) - 125 -- Yes, Iowa has vaulted up from sixth to second in the power rankings simply because it's the only other undefeated team in the conference. But look at the gap between them and Ohio State in points. If you suck at math, it's 26 points. The team that is 26 points behind Iowa in these rankings is in tenth place. This Week: vs. Michigan State

3. Wisconsin (3-2, 2) - 120 -- Yes, Wisconsin lost, but even that wasn't enough to knock them further down than third this week. This is still a team that is very strong statistically when compared to the rest of the Big Ten. I'm also of the opinion that it's the second best team in the conference. Well, you know, besides Illinois. This Week: Bye

4. Northwestern (4-0, 3) - 113 -- I don't have much to say about Northwestern this week since it had the week off, but as I said in TCR Top 40 yesterday, it's pretty cool that Gameday is coming to Evanston. And I mean that sincerely. It's just a shame that the whole week will serve as a showcase for Pat Fitzgerald before he leaves for USC. This Week: vs. Ohio State

5. Michigan (4-0, 4) - 112 -- The best thing about having the week off means that Devin Gardner wasn't able to turn the ball over. Seriously, though, on Monday morning UConn fired Paul Pasqualoni. Just over a week after his team nearly knocked off Michigan. Michigan has played so poorly that coaches are getting fired in September for losing to it. This Week: vs Minnesota

6. Penn State (3-1, 6) - 108 -- Seriously, everybody in the Big Ten had the damn week off. Though unlike Northwestern and Michigan, the Nittany Lions don't fall in the rankings because of it. Way to tread water, guys. Now don't embarrass yourselves by losing to Indiana this week. This Week: at Indiana

7. Michigan State (3-1, 8) - 104 --Even on its bye week the Spartans offense couldn't manage to outscore its defense. This Week: at Iowa

8. Illinois (3-1, 11) - 103 -- Illinois had a chance to pad some stats that would help them out in these rankings against Miami (Ohio), and wouldn't you know it, they did just that. Hopefully they'll continue padding stats against Nebraska this week. This Week: at Nebraska

9. Nebraska (3-1, 9) - 100 -- I'm figuring Nebraska spent its week off doing everything it could to fix every single problem it had. I'm also hoping that it failed miserably at all of these things and that the entire Cornhusker offense comes down with some debilitating stomach virus before Saturday's game and they're forced to play nothing but freshman and walk-ons. This Week: vs. Illinois

10. Indiana (2-2, 10) - 96 -- I know I made a joke about it earlier, but this offense is potent enough that if the Hoosiers did upset the Nittany Lions this week I would not be shocked. Of course, I wouldn't be shocked if the Hoosiers lost by 50, either. This Week: vs. Penn State

11. Minnesota (3-1, 4) -83 -- And Minnesota suffers for the conference loss because so many teams haven't played a conference game just yet. It's unfair, I know, but as I said, it'll all work itself out next week. For now Minnesota has to sit here and think about what it's done. You gave Iowa hope, Minnesota. For that you must pay. This Week: at Michigan

12. Purdue (1-4, 12) - 24 -- I'm am grateful for Purdue. If it wasn't for Purdue being so terrible at football this year than we'd probably still be the go-to joke for most Big Ten fans. But when you combine are 3-1 start with Purdue's suckage it's like people have already forgotten about 2012. Thanks, Purdue. This Week: Bye.

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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