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Luke Butkus Joining Ron Turner At FIU

And more changes come to the coaching staff.


Replacing Chris Beatty with Bill Cubit will not be the only coaching change this offseason. It appears that offensive line coach Luke Butkus is leaving to take a job on Ron Turner's staff at FIU.

Butkus played under Turner for three seasons at Illinois and returned to the school to coach under Tim Beckman this season. Butkus will serve as FIU's run game coordinator. It is not known whom Beckman plans on replacing him with.

As for how we should feel about this, well, there's no doubt that our offensive line was one of the worst in the country this season. However, it's hard to know if that was Butkus' fault or the players he had to work with.

I guess we'll find out.

As for any potential impact this could have on the recruiting class, here are the players Butkus was listed as a primary recruiter on: Aaron Bailey, Bryce Douglas and Evan Panfil. I won't pretend that I'm not a little scared that both of Aaron Bailey's primary recruiters -- Beatty and Butkus -- are no longer part of the coaching staff.