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GameThread: My Enemy Is A Varmint

Great big gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts. How about a nice, cool drink, varmints? Scum! Slime! Menace to the golfing industry! You're a disgrace. You're varmints. You're one of the lowest members of the food chain and you'll probably be replaced by the rat. Well, I have been pushed. It's about time somebody teaches these varmints a little lesson about morality and about what it's like to be a decent, upstanding member of a society! Come to Carl, varmint. -- I guess we're playing for keeps now. I guess the kidding around is pretty much over. I guess it's just a matter of pumping about five thousand gallons of water down there to teach you a little bit of a lesson. Is that it? I think it is!

#12 Illinois 14-2 (1-1) vs #8 Minnesota 14-1 (2-0)

Time: 8pm Central
TV: Big Ten Network
Line: Minnesota -2
Over/Under: 141 ½

Let's kill some gophers.

(Also, I'm taking the online Jeopardy test tonight and it starts the same time as the Illini do. So I'll be a little late to the party.)