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VIP Room: God Get Atcha Boy

Why call them "Open Threads" when you can give them cool names like "VIP Room." Yes, just by showing up here tonight and chatting with your fellow internet denizens, you become a very important person. Just look at you, big shot.

The college football season is over, and for a person like me who loves college football so very, very much, this can be a terrible day. But in this world there are heroes. Heroes who don't just save us from super-villains like Bane, but heroes who save us from the vast, empty darkness that is a world without college football.

And that hero is Raylan Givens.

Yep, the new season of Justified starts tonight. Not everything sucks.

Of course, there's also a lot of college basketball on television tonight, including Ohio State heading to Mackey Arena to take on Purdue. You can talk about that too if you like.

It's your VIP Room. You're the god damn person who is of the utmost importance. You talk about whatever the hell you like.