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Final Blogpoll Ballot: Roll Tide

Not exactly a surprise, is it? After crushing Notre Dame in Miami on Monday night, Alabama is once again in a spot it has become very familiar with: #1.

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Now that the college football season is over -- sniff -- that means it is time for my final Blogpoll Ballot of the season. In the shock of all shocks, I have Alabama ranked at #1 after last night's win against Notre Dame. And when I say "win" know that I mean "THE HORROR MY GOD THE HORROR MAKE IT STOP, MOMMY, MAKE IT STOP."

Yeah, this Notre Dame fan didn't much enjoy last night.

Anyway, let's get to the final rankings.


1. Alabama - Not much I have to explain here, do I? I am relatively confident that it would not have mattered who Alabama played last night, Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide would have won. In fact, I'd just about guarantee it. If you don't think so maybe you should read this article I wrote about Saban over at this morning. See if that changes your mind.

2. Oregon - In case you forgot, these Blogpoll Ballots are not my opinion but are instead based on a formula I put together to rank teams. That being said, it's hard to argue with Oregon finishing in the second spot considering how easily it dispatched a good Kansas State team in the Fiesta Bowl. And with Chip Kelly coming back next season, odds are the Ducks will find themselves in the top five next fall again.

3. Notre Dame - Notre Dame got its ass kicked last night. Still, even though those memories are the freshest, it doesn't erase what they did with their first 12 games of the year. It's obvious that Notre Dame isn't good enough to take on Alabama -- and considering Alabama's won three of the last four national titles, nobody really is -- but it's safe to say this program is back. And it's likely to get better.

4. Ohio State - I saw a lot of Ohio State fans making remarks about how things would have gone if the Buckeyes had been able to play for a national title. First, I'd like to say don't fool yourselves, Ohio State fans. You weren't beating Alabama. Of course, there's no point in telling you that because you are Ohio State fans, and you are therefore out of your damned minds. Secondly, Notre Dame wishes you were in last night's game too. Because then it wouldn't have been playing Alabama.

5. Stanford - Oh, hey, it's the reigning Pac-12 and Rose Bowl champion, and here's Stanford not even finishing as the highest-ranked team in its own conference. Still, it could be worse. It could be another damned SEC team here instead.


-- Speaking of the SEC, it still did well for itself. While Alabama is the only SEC team to finish in my top five, Georgia, Texas A&M, Florida and South Carolina all occupy spots six through nine. So the conference still claims half the top ten.

-- Kansas State takes quite a tumble. Probably finishes lower than it should at #11, but it's important to point out that the strength of its wins took a hit when Oklahoma got crushed by A&M, and my formula has never been a huge Oklahoma fan to begin with.

-- I'm not sure why the formula likes Boise State so much. I sure as hell wouldn't have them as high as #13. Beating a mediocre Washington team shouldn't be a major win, but when you look at the rest of Boise's accomplishments, it's one of their best this year.

-- My formula is still a champion for the little guy. While Boise is the highest rated non-BCS school in my final rankings, the Broncos are only one of seven "mid-majors" to crack my Top 25. That's 28% of the teams.


Oregon State, Louisiana Tech, Penn State, Vanderbilt and Nebraska


Illinois finishes ranked 82nd among the 84 teams I was still ranking. Ahead of only Colorado and Kansas.