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Open Thread: BCS National Championship Game

So there's a pretty big football game on tonight. Why not watch it and talk about it here.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As I've mentioned here in the past I grew up in Chicago as a Notre Dame fan. I was a Notre Dame fan before going to Champaign and becoming an Illinois fan. So tonight's game is somewhat important to me, as the last time Notre Dame won a national title I was 7 years old and didn't really care.

It's funny how that's worked out for me as a football fan. The Bears won a Super Bowl when I was 5 and Notre Dame a title when I was 7.

Anyway, the guys at work were kind enough to give me the night "off" and allow me to just watch the game as a fan. Odds are I won't even have my computer on during the game, so while I probably won't be here for the game, I figured I might as well give you all a place to congregate.

It's the last college football game of the season and it's between two teams that are easy to hate. So hate them here.