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Chris Beatty Has Been Let Go

We've been waiting for some kind of change on the coaching staff, and it appears we've got it.

It appears Tim Beckman has finally made a coaching change
It appears Tim Beckman has finally made a coaching change

We have our first official change on the coaching staff. After Howard Griffith broke the story on the Big Ten Network and Twitter, Illinois confirmed on Saturday evening that offensive coordinator Chris Beatty will not be back next season.

"Chris Beatty is an outstanding person and a good coach," Tim Beckman said in the release. "His family will always be a part our Illini football family. I wish him the best as he moves forward with his career."

However, when the news first broke, I assumed it meant that Billy Gonzales would be taking over as offensive coordinator since he's been co-coordinating -- or whatever the hell you want to call it -- with Beatty all season. But there was another nugget of information in the release.

According to the release "a national search for a new offensive coordinator will begin immediately."

So does this mean that Billy Gonzales will be moving on to? Or are we going to be hiring a new co-offensive coordinator?

I really don't know. I do know that I've seen it mentioned that Beatty was one of the key factors in getting Aaron Bailey to Champaign, along with Luke Butkus. I know there are some concerns that Beatty being go might lead to Bailey switching his commitment, but personally I don't see that happening.

Every time Bailey has talked about Illinois he sounds as solid as solid can be. He hasn't visited anywhere else nor has he seemed interested in doing so. So I don't think we need to worry about his status.


According to Football Scoop, Gonzales is staying on the staff, but will only be receivers coach. Tim Beckman is bringing in a brand new offensive coordinator. Which is good news because you saw our offense last season.

The question is who can be brought in at this point. Ron Turner's no longer available!