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B1G Basketball Diaries: Ask Your Doctor For Nebrasketball Today

The Gophers followed Illinois' formula of losing a bunch of games in a row and then getting to play Nebraska.

Eric Francis

Minnesota 84 Nebraska 65

Have doctors tried Nebrasketball* on the common cold? Cancer? Seriously, it seems to be the most universal cure for disease since penicillin. First Nebraska cured Illinois' losing streak and on Tuesday night it cured Minnesota's. Rodney Williams led Minnesota with 23 points and also had 7 rebounds.

Of course, I must warn you, Minnesota. I hope you got yourself a refill or ten because once Illinois stopped taking Nebrasketball it got sick again. Quickly.

*Side effects include laughing at Andre Almeida running up and down a basketball court

Ohio State 58 Wisconsin 49

The Buckeyes used a big second half to put away the Badgers. Well, actually, it was Deshaun Thomas who put away Wisconsin, pretty much taking the game over. Thomas scored 10 points during a 15-0 run by the Buckeyes. When it began the Badgers led 41-37, but when it was over it was 52-41 Buckeyes and Wisconsin was done.

Of course, Thomas scored more at other times on the night, finishing with 25 points. Aaron Craft finished with 13 points, 2 rosy red cheeks and a WHOLE LOTTA GRIT.

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