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Open Thread: Bill Snyder Will Share His Werther's With You

You're going to be on the internet and watching sports tonight anyway, right? Might as well do it here while ignoring other human beings.

Mmm, smooth, delicious butterscotch
Mmm, smooth, delicious butterscotch
Jamie Squire

Okay, so we're going to try this out tonight. With the Fiesta Bowl going on along with B1G games like Northwestern/Michigan and Wisconsin/Penn State, The Champaign Room is going to have itself an open thread tonight.

C'mon by and watch the games while chatting with your fellow Illini fans. Relax. Kick off your shoes. Have a good time.

As is usually the case with major college football games, I'm going to be working most of the nigh and making jokes on Twitter. Still I'll try and stop by to make some of those same stupid jokes here too.

Maybe if you're lucky Bill Snyder will share a Werther's Original with you, and who wouldn't like a delicious butterscotch candy? I know I would.