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The Big Ten Is Going To Look For More Variety In Its Bowl Lineup

It seems Jim Delany is tiring of the steady diet of SEC and Big 12.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Over at Eye On College Football:

"We're going to try and be national and try to have relationships on both coasts and maybe in areas we haven't been before," said Delany "There will be more diversity in teams that get to go, so no one goes to Florida five times in six years or even three years in a row. I hope we would put together a slate of games where our alums live, where we recruit and against opponents that will test us every year. Those are the elements.

"It's a puzzle. Some of the outlines are falling into place, but it's a long way from the particulars of it being filled out."

Read about what Delany is likely to do.