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Nathan Scheelhaase's Father Arrested

Nat Creer was arrested for criminal trespassing Thursday morning.


Nothing good comes from drunk dialing or texting. At least, not after you've graduated from college.

Just ask Nathan Scheelhaase's dad, Nat Creer, who was arrested on Thursday morning for criminal trespassing. Creer was out drinking and kept on calling his ex-girfriend, Jan Johnson, asking if he could come over. Well, Johnson kept saying no, so Creer did the only thing a drunk guy can do when he wants to go to his ex-girlfriend's house but she keeps saying no.

He went anyway.

Johnson told us the two had been dating on and off for about two years. She says Creer kept calling her and asking to come over. She said no but all of a sudden he was in her house.

It happened around 2:30 in the morning. Johnson says her animals warned her something wasn't right. Creer was in her house and she says he was drunk. So she called 911. Deputies showed up and arrested him.

Johnson said she would file an order of protection against Creer, which is something that Nate Scheelhaase should consider filing against his offensive line.

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