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The Illini Pick Up Their Second Recruit In As Many Days

Are you ready to feel dumber than hell? Well then continue reading this post.

"And you guys think I'm stupid?"
"And you guys think I'm stupid?"

Ladies and gentlemen, I am an idiot. However, you are too.

You remember that post from earlier today in which Jaylen Dunlap tweeted a photo of himself with three Illinois helmets? Yes, well, at any point did you wonder "who the hell is Jaylen Dunlap?"

Because I didn't. But I know who he is now.

He's the second recruit to commit to the Illini in the last two days and he was tweeting a photo of himself with the Illinois helmets because he had just committed to the damn program. I got so lost in deciding whether or not I like the helmets I didn't bother wondering why Dunlap was tweeting them.

So, as you can see, we are all idiots.

As for Dunlap, he's a 2-star recruit from Crete-Monee and he visited on Saturday. He chose the Illini over Western Michigan, so I have to think that Bill Cubit played a role in bringing him here. As for what to expect from Dunlap, yes, he's only a 2-star prospect, but he does bring good size to the corner position.

I'm a big fan of big cornerbacks, and at 6'2 and 180 pounds Dunlap certainly qualifies as one.