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The Illini Pick Up Their Second Recruit In As Many Days

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Are you ready to feel dumber than hell? Well then continue reading this post.

"And you guys think I'm stupid?"
"And you guys think I'm stupid?"

Ladies and gentlemen, I am an idiot. However, you are too.

You remember that post from earlier today in which Jaylen Dunlap tweeted a photo of himself with three Illinois helmets? Yes, well, at any point did you wonder "who the hell is Jaylen Dunlap?"

Because I didn't. But I know who he is now.

He's the second recruit to commit to the Illini in the last two days and he was tweeting a photo of himself with the Illinois helmets because he had just committed to the damn program. I got so lost in deciding whether or not I like the helmets I didn't bother wondering why Dunlap was tweeting them.

So, as you can see, we are all idiots.

As for Dunlap, he's a 2-star recruit from Crete-Monee and he visited on Saturday. He chose the Illini over Western Michigan, so I have to think that Bill Cubit played a role in bringing him here. As for what to expect from Dunlap, yes, he's only a 2-star prospect, but he does bring good size to the corner position.

I'm a big fan of big cornerbacks, and at 6'2 and 180 pounds Dunlap certainly qualifies as one.