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The Illini Are Officially Out Of Both Polls

We all knew it was coming, but it still sucks.


Back in early December both the AP and Coaches polls came out and there we found the 10-0 Illini ranked at #10 in both. Ahead of teams like Michigan State, North Carolina and Kentucky and only a spot behind Kansas. It was awesome.

It also wasn't truly deserved, but it didn't matter. After the season we had last year the fact that the Illini not only found themselves ranked again so quickly but so high at that was a reason for optimism. Particularly coming off a terrible football season.

And then the season didn't end. The Illini have played nine games since being ranked in the top ten and they've lost five of them. And now, after four losses in our last five games -- each loss by an average of 15.25 points by the way -- we're right back where we started.

The new AP and Coaches polls are out and the Illini aren't in either. The Illini did however still receive three votes in the Coaches Poll because, well, I don't know why. Not a single AP voter bothered putting the Illini in their Top 25 this week.

And with only a game against Nebraska this week odds are we won't be back in the Top 25 next week, either.