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Are We Getting New Helmets?

Jaylen Dunlap tweeted a photo of himself modeling some Illinois helmets, including two we've never seen before.

The Illinois football program definitely has its problems, but there's one quick fix for every problem that a football program could have: new helmets and/or uniforms.

They fix everything.

And it looks like we might be fixed as Jaylen Dunlap tweeted a photo of himself with three different Illinois helmets. One of which we've seen before as we wore it last season. However, the other two are definitely new.


Personally I'm a fan of both the orange and blue helmets. As for the white one, I don't know yet. What I'd love to see the Illini do is have a helmet with just the Chief logo on the side rather than the Block I or the word Illini. The problem is I doubt that's ever going to happen. Still, I did an incredibly amateurish mockup anyway.


See? That would be pretty sweet.

What do you think?