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An Illinois Football Player Did Something Good

Of course, it's much easier to play well when you're not surrounded by fellow Illini.

Photographic proof of Terry Hawthorne playing well
Photographic proof of Terry Hawthorne playing well

There wasn't a lot about the 2012 season Illinois football season that we could consider "not terrible" but Terry Hawthorne was one of those things that was definitely "not terrible." In fact, he had a pretty good season for the Illini, so of course he's a senior and won't be coming back.

He did play one more game on Saturday, though, in the East-West Shrine Game which is a game for seniors that is pretty much just a showcase for NFL scouts. And Terry did himself plenty of favors.

Playing for the West team -- honestly, pay no attention to the geographical names because Collin Klein played for the East and South Carolina had players on both sides -- Hawthorne had a huge impact. He had a fumble recovery that set up a touchdown in the first half and then an interception to help ice the game in the second half.

So, good job, Terry, and congratulations for getting the hell out of here.