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Mike Sullivan Will Not Be Our Next Offensive Line Coach

Reports on Wednesday had the Illini offering the job to Sullivan but on Thursday he accepted a job with the Cleveland Browns.

Becks is disappointed to hear that, Mike Sullivan
Becks is disappointed to hear that, Mike Sullivan

So Mike Sullivan will not be coming to Illinois to coach the offensive line.

FootballScoop reported Wednesday that he'd been offered the job, but accepting the same job with the Cleveland Browns is one way of saying "no thanks." Unless Sullivan is planning on coaching both teams at the same time, which is a terrible plan at first but then you realize "what if Joe Thomas gets confused and ends up playing for the Illini instead Cleveland and then Trent Richardson follows and oh my god this might be the best idea of all time."

Then it becomes the greatest idea of all time.

But it's not a plausible idea, which means those Danny Hope rumors may start heating up again.

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