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B1G Basketball Diaries: Adreian Payne Treats Penn State Like His Hotel Room

Penn State and Nebraska remain neck and neck in their race to be the worst team in the Big Ten.


B1G Basketball Diaries is The Champaign Room's recap of all the basketballs being basketballed around the Big Ten. It is not about Leonardo DiCaprio in any way.

Michigan State 81 Penn State 72

I didn't watch a second of this game last night because I was just kinda sorta busy with that whole Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend isn't real story. Yeah, that was just a little bit strange. Of course, just because Lennay Kekua isn't dead, didn't have leukemia and never actually existed, that doesn't mean she doesn't have something in common with Penn State basketball.

Neither have a Big Ten win this season.

That's because after Adreian Payne spent his day wrecking hotel rooms with Brandon Dawson, he spent his night wrecking Penn State. Payne finished with 20 points and 7 rebounds in only 17 minutes off the bench.

Purdue 65 Nebraska 56

So I was able to watch the last few minutes of this, but I didn't actually watch the last few minutes of it. You know, because it was Purdue and Nebraska.

Purdue won, though, and is now 3-2 in the Big Ten. Nebraska joined Penn State at 0-5.

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