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Report: Illinois Offers Mike Sullivan Job As Offensive Line Coach

Football Scoop is reporting that the Illini have offered the job to San Diego Chargers offensive line coach Mike Sullivan.

Jonathan Daniel

On Monday I wrote about rumors I'd heard that former Purdue head coach Danny Hope would be the next offensive line coach for the Illini. In that post I also mentioned that the other name I'd been hearing had been that of San Diego Chargers offensive line coach Mike Sullivan.

So it seems I was half-right.

Now, as you see, Sullivan's only been offered the job. He hasn't accepted it yet, and with other offers from NFL teams there's no guarantee that he will. However, Sullivan has coached with Bill Cubit in the past, so there is a connection for him on the staff.

Whether it's Sullivan or not, we should probably find out by the end of the week.

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