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B1G Basketball Diaries: Wisconsin Owns Indiana

Wisconsin beat Indiana for the 11th straight time and is now the only team in the Big Ten with an undefeated mark in conference play.


B1G Basketball Diaries is The Champaign Room's recap of all the basketballs being basketballed around the Big Ten. It is not about Leonardo DiCaprio in any way.

Wisconsin 64 Indiana 59

Beating Illinois by 23 wasn't enough to get the Badgers ranked this week but I think it's safe to assume that knocking off Indiana in Bloomington will do the trick next week. It feels funny calling it an upset considering it was Wisconsin's eleventh straight victory against Indiana -- Tom Crean is now 0-9 against Bo Ryan -- but it was an upset. I know I didn't think the Badgers had much of a chance.

Especially after the dunk contest Cody Zeller was putting on against himself in the first half. At halftime Zeller had 18 points while shooting 8-for-8 from the floor as Wisconsin just didn't guard him. However, despite Zeller, the Badgers trailed only 32-31 at halftime.

Then when Zeller game out in the second half and scored only 5 points while shooting 1-for-7 from the floor, Wisconsin was able to pull away and pull off the upset. Now, was it actually all Cody Zeller's fault that Indiana lost this game? Of course not. Wisconsin played well and did a lot to slow down Zeller in the second half.

That being said, it was all Cody Zeller's fault*. You should quit basketball.

*Just going to ignore the fact that Zeller was 9-for-15 from the floor while the rest of his team went 11-for-39 cuz fuck Cody Zeller