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Reon Dawson Flips To Michigan

So one of those three 2013 recruits I said we should worry about no longer needs to be worried about? He's gone.

Gregory Shamus

On Friday I outlined the possibility that three of our 2013 recruits could possibly flip their commitments before National Signing Day next month. One of those players was cornerback Reon Dawson, a player who had committed to the Illini back in May but then received an offer from Michigan in December.

Well, Dawson went on an official visit to Michigan this weekend and he's flipped his commitment from the Illini to the Wolverines.

Which sucks quite a bit, to be honest.

While he's listed as a three-star by Rivals after watching some of this tape I thought he was a lot closer to a four-star prospect. He's also got great size for a corner at 6-foot-2 with really good speed -- he's listed as having a 4.4 40 on Rivals but I never actually trust those numbers -- and I feel like he's one of the few freshmen in this class who probably could have helped out right away. And at a position of need to boot.

Instead we'll have to be dealing with him at Michigan the next few seasons.

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