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And Down The Polls We Fall

Not surprisingly the Illini fall in both polls after being outscored 158-118 by Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Joe Robbins

We all know that the Illini would be falling in the rankings this week following the ass-kickings handed to the team by both Minnesota and Wisconsin. This is what happens when you lose by 17 at home and then by 23 on the road while looking completely overmatched over the course of both games.

So how far have we fallen?

Well, in the AP Poll the Illini fall from #12 to #23. The drop in the Coaches Poll isn't as steep, but it's still pretty big as we drop from #13 to #22.

Amongst AP voters, the highest the Illini were ranked by any voter was #14 by The State's Ron Morris. Ron was obviously too busy to watch the Illini this week. There were 20 voters who left the Illini off their ballot all together, including Dick Vitale, who now believes we were "overrated, baby, with a capital O!"

As for Randy Rosetta, who last week had Butler, Gonzaga and Ohio State all ranked ahead of the Illini, he did the same this week. But at least he kept us ranked at #25. Still, try calling him an idiot now.

Frankly we should be happy to still be ranked, as lower teens to upper twenties is where I've felt our true ranking has been all season. But ranked teams don't give the kind of effort this team did on Saturday.

Hopefully two wins against Northwestern and Nebraska this week will right the ship and make sure we're still ranked at this time next week.

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