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The Illini Are Selling Playing Time

A good indicator to what this coaching staff's plan for 2013 and after can be found in the living room of recruits this winter.


While we know Tim Beckman will be back, there are still a lot of question marks about this football team in 2013. We don't know what we'll see from Beckman and his coaching staff.

I don't mean scheme-wise, I mean philosophically.

Is Beckman going to play as many juco transfers and seniors as possible in an effort to get as many wins as possible and save his job? Will Beckman instead feel secure and safe enough in his job to start a lot of youth to use 2013 as a building year to something better in 2014 and beyond?

Well, reading recruiting coordinator Alex Golesh's comments to The News Gazette certainly gives us an indication.

"The one thing Coach Beckman is really selling when he's sitting in homes is there's a lot of holes," Golesh told the paper "If you want to make an immediate impact at Illinois right now, you can do that at certain spots. We're selling playing time and the university and saying 'Hey, be the reason why we get this thing turned.'"

Which certainly makes it sound like Beckman and his staff are looking to build for the future next year instead of selling out to save their jobs.

Golesh also says the staff is focusing on finding wide receivers, offensive linemen and defensive backs right now. Which are the three areas anybody who watched the Illini last year will tell you we need the most help with at the moment.

Hopefully we get it. The team, the fan base and the coaching staff can certainly use it.