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Week 14 Blogpoll Ballot: Not Much Changes Following Championship Week

Does Wisconsin sneak into my top 25 after destroying Nebraska in the B1G Championship? You'll have to keep reading to find out. Or I can just tell you that they don't. You should still read anyway.

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There's only one regular season remaining in the football season, but that game is between Army and Navy so it won't have any impact on my Blogpoll Ballot. So what you see here is what will be my final ballot until Notre Dame and Alabama wrap things up in Miami.

There weren't many games this weekend, so as you would expect, not all that much changed this week.


1. Notre Dame - The Irish didn't play this week so it's kind of hard to take them out of the top spot.

2. Alabama - That was a great game against Georgia in Atlanta, but at the same time it didn't do anything to change my opinion of this Crimson Tide team. It's a very good team. It's just not invincible and it has flaws.

3. Ohio State - The Buckeyes couldn't go to Indianapolis and because of it Wisconsin was able to steamroll Nebraska. Though if Ohio State played Wisconsin on Saturday night and that Badgers team showed up, I don't think Ohio State beats them either. Though they'd have crushed Nebraska.

4. Oregon - So a Fiesta Bowl matchup with Kansas State is going to be kind of fun, huh?

5. Florida - The Gators did not play but they move up thanks to Georgia's loss. Plus they might actually be the best team in the SEC.


-- Seems unfair to knock Georgia down to #8. I mean, they came up 5 yards short of knocking off Alabama, so I'm not sure they deserve to fall that far. That being said, I get it. the Bulldogs now have two losses and got passed by teams that only have one loss and a Stanford team that just won another game this week.

-- My formula is fine with Northern Illinois in the Orange Bowl. Northern Illinois is ranked #11 on my ballot. Louisville is #19. Which team should we be more upset about?

-- There are two Big Ten teams ranked in my top 25. Neither of them is Wisconsin. B1G! B1G!


Tulsa, Penn State, Cincinnati, Northwestern (BOOOOOOO), San Diego State


Same as last week, at #82 of the 84 teams I'm still ranking. Ahead of only Colorado and Kansas.