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Ty Johnson Is Headed To South Carolina

The Villanova transfer was reportedly between South Carolina and Illinois but all signs point to Johnson becoming a Gamecock.


It had been reported last week that Villanova transfer Ty Johnson was choosing between both Illinois and South Carolina as a destination, but as you can see from the tweet by Scott Powers above, it does not appear that Champaign will be Johnson's new home. Powers would go on to tweet that while Johnson had a scheduled visit to Illinois it never actually happened.

Which is a pretty good indicator.

As for whether or not this is good or bad news it probably depends on how you want to look at it. Personally I think Johnson is the kind of player that could have done well in John Groce's system, but I'm not exactly devastated by the news.

There's also the question of who's spot on the roster would Johnson have been taking, as somebody would have had to transfer to open up the spot.


Jeff Goodman has confirmed that Johnson is transferring to South Carolina.