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PODCAST: Thoughts On Bowl Season And Wisconsin

It's like reading me, BUT WITH YOUR EARS


I recorded another episode of the Eye On College Football Podcast with Chip Patterson (@cnpatterson3) on Monday, and it's now up on the site. Go on over there and listen to it or just download that bitch on iTunes and subscribe to it.

Seriously, once you hear my voice you'll not only want to subscribe, but you'll also fall in love with me. And I'll be flattered, but damn it, it'll never work. We're from two different worlds! It's just impossible, and you'll have to move on with your life.

This beauty can't be caged.

Anyway, in the podcast we go over the first bowl games of the season, coaching changes that have taken place, and we discuss the situation at Wisconsin as the Badgers look for a new coach. So go listen. It's better than whatever the hell you're doing right now anyway.