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We're Still Number Ten!

The new AP and Coaches Polls have been released and the Illini hold steady at #10 this week.


Last week the Illini found themselves jumping up to #10 in both major polls after pulling off a win over Gonzaga on the road. It was a deserved jump, even if the Illini aren't really the tenth best team in the country, based on what they'd done up to that point in the season, the recognition was warranted.

However, it seems that wins over Norfolk State and Eastern Kentucky just aren't worth what they used to be anymore.

After going 2-0 last week to improve to 12-0 on the season the newest polls have been released and the Illini find themselves sitting there at #10 in both polls yet again.

Meanwhile Indiana drops to #6 after losing to Butler. The same Butler team that the Illini beat by 17 points on a neutral floor. So Indiana has a loss, we don't, and among common opponents the Illini also have an advantage. So why is Indiana still ranked four spots ahead of the Illini?

Well, I probably shouldn't mention this publicly, as it puts all of our lives in danger, but it's a major conspiracy. One that just might go all the way to the White House!

Will I survive long enough to uncover this conspiracy, or will I be killed by some government assassin when I get too close?

You'll just have to keep reading The Champaign Room to find out.