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Josh Brent Was On The Cowboys Sideline Sunday

Despite the current charge of intoxication manslaughter hanging over his head after friend and fellow teammate Jerry Brown died in a car accident caused by Brent, his Cowboys teammates wanted him on the sideline Sunday.


Here's a story that's bound to provoke some kind of extreme reaction from people.

Former Illini and current Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent was on the Cowboys sideline during the team's game against the Steelers on Sunday.

"His teammates asked him to come and be down there with him, so that's where we are," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told "I do know that certainly there's the other side of the coin, but this is the case of the people that he's arguably the closest to really wanted him around."

Now, as you'd expect, this got some negative reaction, particularly from Boomer Esiason and Bill Cowher during the CBS halftime show. Something that's only natural considering it was Brent's decision to drive drunk that helped lead to the death of his friend and teammate Jerry Brown.

Of course, Brown did choose to get in the car with an intoxicated Brent.

And while I don't think it's right for Brent to be on the sideline right now considering what's happened -- I just don't think it sends the right message -- it's also important to point out that while we may be outraged by all of this, Jerry Brown's mother has already forgiven Brent.