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Join The Champaign Room's Bowl Pick Em Group

Compete against fellow Champaign Room readers to determine who is the best at prognosticating the outcome of meaningless exhibition games! Except for the one that counts. But you'll pick that one too.

Ezra Shaw

Illinois is not playing in a bowl game this season. This is not news to any of you. However, just because the Illini won't be competing again until next September, that doesn't mean we have to sit on the sidelines twiddling our thumbs.

And that's why The Champaign Room has started a Bowl Pick Em Group. It's for you, dear readers. Compete against your fellow readers to find out who is THE BEST at picking winners of meaningless games. If you win you will get to tell your friends and family all about how you are a CHAMPION and THE BEST at life.

Isn't that what we all want?

Joining is simple. Just click on this link RIGHT HERE and when you get there enter the password that is really hard to figure out: illini.

Good luck, and see you on the virtual game-picking gridiron.