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Marchie Murdock Commits To Illinois

The wide receiver from Texas becomes the 25th member of Illinois' 2013 recruiting class.

Cuz his name is "Marchie"
Cuz his name is "Marchie"

If you were wondering, Billy Gonzales has not only not been fired, but he's still out there recruiting and he's helped land the 25th member of our 2013 class.

Wide receiver Marchie Murdock committed to the Illini on Sunday. He's a 6-foot-1, 175 pound receiver out of Texas' Legacy High School. Other than that, I don't know much about him. He's not ranked by any sites like Rivals, though it is known that he had offers from schools like Colorado State, San Diego State and Navy. He also had interest from Oklahoma State and Kansas.

You can watch video highlights of Murdock here. I have to say, from what I see in the video I like the kid. It's hard to tell just from highlight tape, but in the plays shown it's apparent the kid has good hands, and uses them to catch the ball which is nice to see.

He also seems to have nice straight line speed off the line, and maybe he can progress to being a deep threat in this offense. Something we desperately need. He also shows a knack for getting up and going for the ball.

Of course, while the tape only shows so much, with a name like Marchie Murdock I know I'm hoping he'll succeed. Think of the easy headlines!