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Guess Who's A Top 10 Team

When you beat a Top 10 team you become a Top 10 team.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

We continue to reap the rewards of our win over Gonzaga on Saturday night. The newest AP and Coaches Polls were released on Monday and the Illini find themselves ranked 10th in both polls. It's the highest the Illini have been ranked since 2006.

And, honestly, it's too high. Well, no, it's not too high. The ranking is very much deserved at this point in the year, but a win over Gonzaga or not, I still don't think we're one of the ten best college basketball teams in the country. Sorry, call me a HATER if you want to, but I'm just being honest.

The win over Gonzaga was great, but it also came four days after we struggled mightily at home against Western Carolina.

I also don't think Brandon Paul is going to have that kind of game every single night out. Though if he wants to, that's cool.

As for how people voted in the AP Poll, the highest the Illini showed up on any one ballot was in 8th. The Illini didn't appear lower than 14th on any ballot but one, and that was the ballot of the Provo Daily Herald's Jason Franchuk, who did not have the Illini anywhere on his ballot.

Of course, that appears to be because he didn't turn in a ballot this week.